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About Elsie Guerrero

Elsie Guerrero is an author, mentor, and advocacy trainer. She writes books about children with special needs and social challenges. She also mentors others to become authors and trains parents, teachers, and the community about special education laws and children's asylum. Elsie's overall goal is to promote inclusion.

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Elsie is an amazing author, mentor, and leader in her community. Her books are fun, diverse, and informative. Elsie is always looking to make an impact and her warm personality makes her an excellent collaborator. I am proud to see how far she has come and all of her wonderful achievements! Keep up the great work! 

Joan Gachuhi, Fund Development Manager at Youth Homes

To be a voice and an ambassador for those who have none takes courage, dedication, and one must be passionate about helping those in need. Elsie has been a voice in the Latin community as well as with kids that have special needs. Her books have inspired me, and I have shared her books to colleagues and friends which felt that their community was being overlooked.

Raphael Bejarano, Senior Safety Specialist at BART

Elsie is amazing! She creates books that most schools don't have and absolutely need. What makes her books unique is that they are based on real children. Elsie takes the time to learn and create stories that uplift those children to bring awareness of the importance of inclusion.

Monchel Sharp, Social Worker at

Sutter Hospital